Belfry Tower Tomas O Muir

Resource Management
Worker Placement
Seasonal Combat
Empire Building

~30 minutes/player
Optional Extended Formats

Casual Gamers
Hardcore Gamers

Lords of Waterdeep
Puerto Rico
Settlers of Catan (w/ Cities & Knights)
Pillars of the Earth
Crusader Kings
Age of Empires
Terra Mystica

Ryan Mauk & Evan Halbert

It stimulates the imagination. The possibilities are endless. The strategy is engrossing.
Great art & pieces.
I still had a chance after the worst start.
Loved the game, lots of choices and different ways to win.
Fun, fun, fun! Build a castle, turrets, & increase the structure. Not static. So great.
Massive strategy required. Allows for mental flexibility & many channels to victory.
I enjoy the variety of options I can take that customize my game experience.
I love the depth of the strategy.
It’s amazing. I can’t wait for it to come out.
The risky 1st place position is a nice feature...The dynamic of the game intensifies nicely.
Enjoyed it...Nice balance of management and combat.
Great - lots of fun


After the fall of Rome, Europe fell into the so-called "dark ages." From the chaos, feudalism arose providing stability to the region over the coming centuries. By the High Middle Ages, the region was prosperous despite much fighting. From your walled city, you are a medieval liege ruling the surrounding lands, settlements, and holdings granted by birthright. This is your fiefdom, and all within it owe fealty and allegiance to you above all others. Each other lord and lady rules a neighboring fiefdom and competes for resources in the unclaimed yet bountiful lands of the countryside between them. Tensions were high and petty feuds common between you and your neighbors until scouts reported a new and deadly threat. Invaders have swept in from the east! Their sizable army is camped on the edges of your realm, and this new common enemy endangers the entire land. Refugees from the fallen eastern lands seek shelter and bring tales of destruction. Old rivalries must be put aside to focus on the onslaught to come and remain unbroken.

Every season, the army sends another wave of invaders in search of treasure, laying siege wealthy cities along the way and returning in numbers if they fail. You must repair your city and recruit and arm your troops quickly to stand any chance. Your life, your wealth, your fiefdom, and your legacy must be protected at all costs!

Combines resource management, worker placement, and combat. Fun and interesting combat mechanics. Highly variable play time to accommodate your preferences. I love the stone walls!
Loved it!
Thanks again for letting us get the prototype. It is by far the coolest game I have ever had and it’s amazing to think that we own one of three copies in the world. I feel kinda special (;
Super fun resource management.
I liked building up my castle.
Great toys! Building castle is a fun idea. Jumped into an ongoing game and immediately started having fun.
I really enjoyed it a lot, especially the artwork and theme, which were present throughout...The artwork is wonderful and immersive, and I loved that you were definitely in it until the very end.
Wonderful. Great fun.
A long thought intensive game. It was fun with lots of strategy.
Good balance between battles and resource building.
It was a lot of fun. A few rules explanations, but not too difficult...The variety for each turn was great.
This game had wonderful pieces that were visually appealing. Invasions were exciting.
Great game, with lots of depth.
Complicated at first but then FUN. Love the complexity of refugee/bldg. addition