This is our first project, developed on Ryan Mauk's dining room table with scraps of white paper, borrowed game pieces, and bad penmanship. Even back then, I loved this game! Now we've got awesome plastic walls and turrets that really make you feel like you're ready to defend your city from the sieging hordesmen, and nice printed play-test versions of the boards, cards, and cutouts.

We're still subjecting our game and our egos to the rigors of play-testing and making minor final tweaks as we gather art from our wonderful team of artists to really bring the game to life. Check out examples of final art in the gallery on the right! See more details about the game here.

As a small start-up game company, we will need the help of generous and wonderful folks like you to help us reach our goals with pre-orders and crowdfunding. Check back for pre-order details and dates. With your help, After the Empire will go to print in 2017! You can pre-order your copy at your local brick and mortar retail game store. If they haven't heard about us yet, direct them to our page and send us a message so we can help setup a pre-order account there for you!

Check out our production stills in the gallery on the right!


Ryan Mauk, Development
Evan Halbert, Development
Michael Montaine, Graphic Design
Cole Munro-Chitty, Graphic Design
Jason Harris, Graphic Design
Zoe Morgan-Montoya, Graphic Design
Jason Raines, Artist
David LaRocca, Artist
Ichisip, Artist
Jack Watson, Artist
Jason Park (interoo), Artist
Tomas O. Muir, Artist
Maria Kornatko, Artist
coolboys entertainment, Artist Group
Baconstrap, Artist
Joms De Mesa, Artist
Ted Ottosson, Artist
EiraQueenofSnow, Artist
Patrik Hell, Artist