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Bi-weekly Game Design Meetup!

Do you love locally designed games, being one of the first people to play up and comers, and/or need other designers to play and give feedback on YOUR locally designed up and coming game? Well, we go to the Portland Game Store all the time to playtest games and hang out. Of course we bring After the Empire, but it's also great fun to see all the other great stuff that the folks bring to these events. We will be in Washington for OrcaCon this weekend, but if you can't come see us up there, then definitely come to The Portland Gamestore and play some of the other great stuff being locally designed!

Look at the kind of stuff they put up with as you develop your game! It's our original high quality playtest board! Thanks Michael's craft store and binge-watching bad movies! You made this all possible!

Check out the meetup and join us:

"Come to The Portland Game Store to test out your newest game and talk design. We meet twice monthly to playtest, design and refine our work-in-progress games. Join us!"

Earlier Event: January 13
After the Empire at OrcaCon!
Later Event: January 21
After the Empire at Protospiel PDX