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UNPUB board game playtesting event!

  • Guardian Games 345 SE Talyor St. Portland, OR, 97214 USA (map)

We're excited to join the other wonderful games and designers for this night of unadulterated playtesting merriment, and hope you'll join us, too! Here's information about the event from the organizer:

We would like to invite to join us for UNPUB Mini Portland on Sept. 10, 2016, from 3p - 10p at Guardian Games (345 SE Taylor Street, Portland, OR 97214). Come playtest original, unpublished games by over 10 local tabletop game designers, and support their development by providing your invaluable feedback. Below is a list of featured titles and designers:  

After the Empire by Evan Halbert & Ryan Mauk - Worker placement / Resource management / Ameritrash / Combat // 1 - 4 players // 1282, European lords fight for territory to improve their cities, lands, and defenses in preparation for an invasion from an invading army.

Citizen Heroes by Jason Harris - Asymmetrical set collection / card game // 3 - 5 players // Players take on the role of ordinary citizens who join forces in order to remove the threats posed to Metroville by a devious villain, played by 1 other player.

The Planetary Phase by Joseph Sturgis - Semi-Cooperative / Euro-style // 3 - 5 players // Set in a not-to-distant future, players compete to have the highest reputation as Coordinators for the Earth Alleviation Service Exchange (EASE) by using resources to devise, launch and coordinate global service projects.  

Ninja Squares by Bryan Koch - Card placement / Strategy // // Collect the five weapons of the ninja by manipulating your opponents' cards while navigating mysteries and traps in order to take possession of your own cards.

Potent Potions by Sam williams - Euro-style / Resource Management / Deduction / Pick-up & Deliver // 3 - 5 players // Set in a fantastically illustrated world, players take control of a Druid of Fenwood Forest racing to discover the Elixir of Immortality.

Emprise by Dickie Adams - Dungeon Crawl / Fast - paced / Real - time / card game // 2 - 4 players // Work with your allies as you race through a dungeon in search of treasure and glory, but beware, only one adventurer can be the greatest .

Bummer Summer by Lee Benson - Turn-based / Card game // 2 - 4 players // Stuck at a dull summer camp, you and your fellow campers set out to lie, cheat and steal in order to avoid doing chores and earn special camp goodies.

Jane Austen's Dreams by Teresa Jackson - Strategy // 3 - 5 players // Take on the role of one of Jane Austen's classic heroines as they guide a 12 yr old Austen's growth as a writer by navigating scenes from her life and stories, in her dreams.

Game-On by Damien Lopez - Party game / Real - time / Abstract / Card game // 2 - 6 players // In this highly interactive party game, players use mini Player Cards to control larger Game Cards by matching colored shapes in order to earn points and win the game. 

Oracle by Bryan Corbett - Turn based / Casual game / Card game // 2 - 6 players (7 - 12 players with 2x copies of the game) // With the universe imploding around you, play as one of several races traveling from planet to planet in search of items that will help your people control the Oracle and survive.

This is a public, all ages event. If you have any questions, visit our Facebook Event page or feel free to contact Damien Lopez:

We look forward to sharing a game or two with you!

See you around the table.