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We'll be at PAX Unplugged in Philly!

We really enjoyed last year’s event, so we’ll be at PAX Unplugged pitching games to publishers, hanging out with our colleagues and friends, and having a great time generally! There is a rumor that After the Empire may even make a special showing, but we’ll let you know if that materializes.

If you want to playtest any of our games in development, please shoot us an email!

If you like hexes, maps, fantasy, combat, and TONS of bits, this may be up your alley:


If you like cooperative post-apocalyptic dice rollers where the goal is to maintain your humanity, this might be the game for you:


If you like wielding elemental mountain powers like lava, avalanche, mud flow, rockslide, and flood in a competition to wreak the most vengeful havoc on the polluting city below, then this may be the one for you:


We may bring one or two more, but let us know if you want see any of the above!

We hope to see some of you folks there and play some games!