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Check out the newest card from Jack Watson!

We gave Jack the difficult task of drawing the Irrigation card from the Building deck, and he came up with something great! Crops in the flood plain with the river beyond and a smaller stream estuary running between the fields turning the mill's waterwheel and an aqueduct to carry water to more distant fields.

Here's the newest piece from Baconstrap!

So, he's taking a break from working on our game board to make the Granary basic building card. He made it just as gray and dreary as I had hoped...the peasants carting sacks of grain through the mud on a dull and thankless day. And, of course, we've got some sweet mud puddle reflections, which I'm a sucker for!

Here's the next awesome piece from Tomas O. Muir

This is the Refugee Camp from the Building deck. He did a great job making this one dreary and stark, but with awesome detail like the mud puddles. If you look closely, you can see familiar characters in line for porridge. There's the Plowman, there's General Starke before she came to lead your troops! Who's that behind her? A character who has yet to be revealed!

Another great one from Tomas O. Muir!

Here's his piece for Fortified Walls from the Building deck. He does such a great job with mood. These glacis reinforced walls seem so stark and imposing, looming and almost impregnable, with the single invader still trying to climb, arrows in his back, up a slope even he knows he'll never summit. It's nigh Sisyphean.

Look at the next awesome piece from Baconstrap!

Here's his Red Castle Inn for the Building deck. I love all the little details and characters in here! There's more than just a few random heroes for hire. Look, it's Captain of the Guard and the Plowman arm wrestling in the back! The Bureaucrat is there! One of the thieves from the Thieves' Guild, and even the Mason is there! I wonder who else we might find! 

Getting ready for Pax!

We've got a new version of our game board, player boards, player aid cards, lots of game cards printed with the new art, plus 4 sets of matching 3D printed city walls and turrets for both stone and wood walls all finished and ready to take with us up to Seattle tonight! If you're going to make it to Pax, come by board game playtesting table H and sign up to play a game Saturday or Sunday from 10am-8pm (break from 2-4pm), or Monday 10am-2pm, or just come to check it out and say hi! There will be tons of other great game, too!

Another awesome piece from Ted Ottosson!

Here's his first card from the Building deck, the Thieves' Guild! I love all the shady characters and intriguing dealings! Here's a preview of the card's flavor text Star Wars shout out: "A hideout for scum and villainy. Even the worst characters can bring about good if you know how to properly motivate them."