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Check out the newest piece from Tomas O. Muir!

So, he's been working on a project for us to make the back side for each of the 4 decks. Here's what he's made for us for the Siege deck. I love how the light spills through the window onto the stone! He even managed to get the city wall in there behind the catapult! Very excited to see the other three decks!

Getting ready for Pax!

We've got a new version of our game board, player boards, player aid cards, lots of game cards printed with the new art, plus 4 sets of matching 3D printed city walls and turrets for both stone and wood walls all finished and ready to take with us up to Seattle tonight! If you're going to make it to Pax, come by board game playtesting table H and sign up to play a game Saturday or Sunday from 10am-8pm (break from 2-4pm), or Monday 10am-2pm, or just come to check it out and say hi! There will be tons of other great game, too!

A new piece from Baconstrap!

Check out the Mangonel from the Siege Deck. Of course, there were several different siege weapons called mangonel during the middle ages. We went with the version that is similar to a trebuchet, which is more accurate but not quite as destructive, using the pulling power of troops rather than the classic counterweight style. Plus, we'll use the other most common version later!