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Gamestorm and here's another piece from Tomas O. Muir!

Yet another in our amazing series of invader cards by Tomas, to round out new additions to the base game invaders! His lighting skills really shine in this one!

Newer Hordesmen.png

Also, we had a great time at Gamestorm this weekend. We had lots of great feedback from play-testers on our new game, Mountain God's Revenge. We had the pleasure of playing After the Empire with one of our long time supporters, James Hampton, who's been playing throughout the evolution of the game and can give us great insights. After a long day of play-testing, Ryan went home and I was privileged to play a late night game or two with local design legends Tim Eisner (March of the Ants and Grimm Forest) and Ryan Spangler (Sol).

First, we three played Antiquity. This was my first Splotter game, so now I get what people were talking about. This game is everything I didn't know I wanted from Settlers of Catan: bigger, better, heavier, and more engaging. And, if you're not careful, you can totally mess it up! Can you accidentally spend all your wood, then have no way to get more necessary resources for the rest of the game? Yep. Don't spend all your wood, unless you already have a woodcutter who can get you more next turn!

Then, Ryan and I twice played Tak, a great abstract game in the vein of chess, checkers, and go. The first game and a half I was basically convinced that it was mostly blind luck and there was no way to know or plan what to do more than 1-2 moves in advance. But, eventually things gelled, and it's really quite a deep and engaging yet quick play experience.

Check out the newest one from Tomas O. Muir!

Here's the back for the Invader deck! This now completes the art for all 4 of the deck backs by Tomas O. Muir! There was a lot of painstaking work to ensure that each side looks EXACTLY the same no matter what, so you can't tell which way is up. Otherwise, people might figure out which wall to defend before they're supposed to have that information. Normally, you have to take the Scout action for that kind of insight!

Check out the newest piece from Tomas O. Muir!

So, he's been working on a project for us to make the back side for each of the 4 decks. Here's what he's made for us for the Siege deck. I love how the light spills through the window onto the stone! He even managed to get the city wall in there behind the catapult! Very excited to see the other three decks!

Here's the next awesome piece from Tomas O. Muir

This is the Refugee Camp from the Building deck. He did a great job making this one dreary and stark, but with awesome detail like the mud puddles. If you look closely, you can see familiar characters in line for porridge. There's the Plowman, there's General Starke before she came to lead your troops! Who's that behind her? A character who has yet to be revealed!

Another great one from Tomas O. Muir!

Here's his piece for Fortified Walls from the Building deck. He does such a great job with mood. These glacis reinforced walls seem so stark and imposing, looming and almost impregnable, with the single invader still trying to climb, arrows in his back, up a slope even he knows he'll never summit. It's nigh Sisyphean.

Here's the final Hordesmen card from Tomas O. Muir! (set of 4)

Here's the last 1 out of the 4 basic Hordesmen cards. Each is different from the next, but they all form a cohesive and distinctive feel for the most common cards in the Invader deck. I'm very excited to print these and begin to play with them and honored to have such great art be part of our game!