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Getting ready for Pax!

We've got a new version of our game board, player boards, player aid cards, lots of game cards printed with the new art, plus 4 sets of matching 3D printed city walls and turrets for both stone and wood walls all finished and ready to take with us up to Seattle tonight! If you're going to make it to Pax, come by board game playtesting table H and sign up to play a game Saturday or Sunday from 10am-8pm (break from 2-4pm), or Monday 10am-2pm, or just come to check it out and say hi! There will be tons of other great game, too!

Check out this great piece from Ted Ottosson

To prove our game doesn't take itself TOO seriously, we have a couple things here and there that are a little more whimsical. The Quarry Dude from the Refugee Deck is one such. While the word "Quarryman" or "Stone Cutter" would've been perhaps a better choice, we just couldn't let our "Quarry Dude" go. So, we came up with this interpretation, based on the old usage of dude as a synonym of dandy. We hope you like it!